Elimination qualifying ditched by F1 teams

Elimination qualifying for Formula 1 has been ditched after just one race after agreements between the F1 teams on Sunday.

Last week, teams approved the rule changes for qualifying, introducing an elimination style qualifying. The changes were introduced at the season-opener in Melbourne this weekend but after the new system failed to provide enough action during the final segment, support against the system arose from F1 team bosses.

Following a meeting ahead of the 2016 Australian Grand Prix between team principals and managers in the paddock, qualifying will now been reverted back to the old system, with the old qualifying coming into force from the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Speaking to Autosport, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Toto Wolff said, “There was a meeting, with a unanimous decision taken to go back to the old format from Bahrain onwards.

“It needs to be ratified by the F1 Commission, but I would like to see who puts his hand up for yesterday’s qualifying. It should be done in the next few days.”

The changes need to be approved by the Strategy Group and F1 Commission before going to the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council before it can be reversed back.