Halo system ‘can be improved’ – Vettel

Following on from team-mate Kimi Raikkonen’s maiden run with the Halo head protection system on Thursday, Sebastian Vettel had his own taste of the system on Friday, and believes it would be a life saving conception, even though it has a less-than-pleasing look.

The Scuderia Ferrari took to the track at the Circuit de Catalunya on Friday with the system attached to his SF16-H, but believes there is still scope to improve the halo ahead of its planned 2017 debut, but feels the safety of drivers is far more important than looks.

I think “Halo” is ok, even if I believe that this system can be improved in terms of both aesthetic and visibility and I think we will see an evolution of it very soon,” said Vettel, who took to the track with the system early during Friday’s final day of testing in Spain.

“In principle, I think it doesn’t look very nice but if it can help saving lives, and if thanks to it at least the two drivers who died recently could still be here with us, then I think it can be the ugliest system, but nothing could justify not having it fitted.”

  • Lee Williams

    Why are they moaning about the halo!!if it saves there life they wouldn’t moan then

  • Kevin Yarroll

    If it is detrimental to a driver’s field of vision, enough to be a blind spot, then this in itself could cause more accidental contact. That would be a negative impact of safety….