Lando Norris on top on day two of Snetterton tests

by Chloe Hewitt

Snetterton Practice 1

Overcast conditions faced the drivers for the first of the four BRDC British Formula 3 Championships sessions of the day at Snetterton ahead of this weekend’s opening round of the season.

The 21-car field took to the track as soon as the session got underway, with Lanan Racing‘s Akhil Rabindra setting the early pace as times began to drop.

With 20 minutes remaining in the session, Tarun Reddy moved to the top of the timing sheets with a 1m46.431 taking him to the top of the field. Reddy was soon knocked off of the top spot by Toby Sowery at the halfway point of the session.

The Carlin duo of Lando Norris and Ricky Collard soon made their presence known with Norris moving to the top of the standings, only to be bettered by Collard as times continued to get quicker and quicker.

With six minutes remaining in the session, the order at the top would change once again as Norris improved to a 1m44.250s to retake the top spot, with Douglas Motorsport‘s Enaam Ahmed moving into second place behind him.

When the chequered flag came down the order stood with Norris still on top followed by Ahmed, Collard, Matheus Leist, Ben Hingeley, Sisa Ngebulana, Reddy, Al Faisal Al Zubair, Ameya Vaidynathan and Rabindra.

Practice 1 Results

1Lando Norris Carlin1m44.250
2Enaam AhmedDouglas Motorsport+0.149
3Ricky CollardCarlin+0.184
4Matheus LeistDouble R Racing+0.570
5Ben HingeleyHHC Motorsport+0.642
6Sisa NgebulanaHHC Motorsport+0.685
7Tarun ReddyFortec Motorsports+0.791
8Al Faisal Al Zubair Fortec Motorsports+0.806
9Ameya Vaidyanathan Carlin+0.838
10Akhil Rabindra Lanan Racing+1.016
11Toby Sowery Lanan Racing+1.139
12Aleksanteri Huovinen Double R Racing+1.307
13Quinlan LallChris Dittmann Racing+1.410
14Thomas Maxwell Sean Walkinshaw Racing +1.642
15Enzo BortoletoDouble R Racing+1.704
16Omar Ismail Chris Dittmann Racing+2.187
17Paul SieljesChris Dittmann Racing+2.195
18Jan JonckSean Walkinshaw Racing +2.313
19Eugene Denyssen Sean Walkinshaw Racing +2.898
20Jeremy Wahome Chris Dittmann Racing+2.912
21Thomas Randle Douglas MotorsportNo Time

Snetterton Practice 2

Fortec Motorsport‘s Reddy ended the second practice fastest, in a session which was broken up by a number of stoppages.

The first ten minutes elapsed without much event, with Reddy leading the way early on but was soon challenged by South African Ngebulana who was the first man to drop into the 1m45s.

With times continuing to drop Toby Sowery found himself at the head of the timing screens on a 1m45.008s.  Ruddy fought back though and once again went quickest. As it looked like other drivers were going to improve the session was brought to a halt due to a spin for HHC Motorsport‘s Omar Ismail, who despite the spin managed to bring his car back to the pits.

When the session resumed Collard and Norris both improved on their personal bests, with Collard moving up to sixth and Norris third but Reddy continued to lead the way, when, with just five minutes left on the clock, the red flag was brought out once again bring the session to an end, with the chequered flag flying not long after.

Reddy led the way followed closely being by: Sowery, Norris, Ngebulana, Al Zubair, Thomas Randle, Collard, Ahmed, Leist and Rabindra.

Practice 2 Results

1Tarun ReddyFortec Motorsports1m44.658
2Toby SoweryLanan Racing+0.108
3Lando NorrisCarlin +0.158
4Sisa NgebulanaHHC Motorsports+0.175
5Al Faisal Al ZubariFortec Motorsports+0.333
6Thomas RandleDouglas Motorsport+0.415
7Ricky CollardCarlin +0.640
8Enaam AhmedDouglas Motorsport+0.660
9Matheus Leist Double R Racing+0.681
10Akhil RabindraLanan Racing+0.852
11Aleksanteri HuovinenDouble R Racing+1.170
12Ameya Vaidyanathan Carlin +1.229
13Jan JonckSean Walkinshaw Racing+1.520
14Quinlan LallChris Dittmann Racing+1.594
15Enzo BortoletoDouble R Racing+1.617
16Eugene Denyssen Sean Walkinshaw Racing+2.062
17Thomas MaxwellSean Walkinshaw Racing+2.283
18Omar IsmailHHC Motorsports+4.147
19Rpaul Sieljes Chris Dittmann Racing+5.069
20Jeremy WahomeChris Dittmann Racing+5.178
21Ben HingeleyHHC Motorsports+12.686

Snetterton Practice 3

Norris was once again the fastest at the end of the third session as he edged out Tarun Reddy and Ricky Collard.  Having circulated the track for a number of laps, times began to fly in with Reddy sitting at the top for the time being.

Ahmed took over the top spot, before a red flag was brought out as a result of Ismail having an off at the Montreal Hairpin – with the session having been stopped for six minutes the session resumed with eleven minutes remaining on the clock.

Once the session had got going again, Collard jumped up into fourth fastest on a 1m46.836s and was rapidly improving with his very next lap which took him to the top spot.

With five minutes remaining of the session, Collard’s Carlin team-mate Norris moved to the head of the standings with a 1m45.214s with Ahmed also moving up to third ahead of Al Faisal Al Zubair and Sowery.

Reddy hit back however, to move back into second place whilst Norris improved on his time once again. Behind the pair came: Collard, Sowery, Leist, Ahmed, Al Zubair, Vaidyanathan, Ngebulana and Aleksanteri Huovinen.

Practice 3 Results

1Lando NorrisCarlin1m44.841
2Tarun ReddyFortec Motorsports+0.635
3Ricky CollardCarlin+0.667
4Toby SoweryLanan Racing+0.747
5Matheus LeistDouble R Racing+0.877
6Enaam AhmedDouglas Motorsport+1.087
7Al Faisal Al ZubairFortec Motorsports+1.094
8Ameya VaidyanathanCarlin+1.408
9Sisa NgebulanaHHC Motorsport+1.574
10Aleksanteri HuovinenDouble R Racing+1.650
11Jan JonckSean Wilkinshaw Racing+1.714
12Quinlan LallChris Dittmann Racing+2.047
13Eugene DenyssenSean Wilkinshaw Racing+2.154
14Thomas MaxwellSean Wilkinshaw Racing+2.232
15Thomas RandleDouglas Motorsport+2.321
16Enzo BortoletoDouble R Racing+2.444
17Akhil RabindraLanan Racing+2.821
18Ben HingeleyHHC Motorsport+3.194
19Omar IsmailHHC Motorsport+4.004
20Paul SieljesChris Dittmann Racing+4.370
21Jeremy WahomeChris Dittmann Racing+5.025

Snetterton Practice 4

In the final session of the day it was Collard who came out on top, edging out his team-mate Norris and Randle.

Sowery led the way after the first ten minutes of the session, before being bested by Ngebulana who set a 1m45.582s. First and third session leader Norris soon leapt to the front with Collard in P2. Leist hopped up with to third, pushing Ngebulana to fourth.

Randle posted his best time with ten minutes left on the clock to go third fastest, at this stage only 0.057s behind Norris.

The red flag was out once again, bringing a halt to the sessions with six minutes left on the session.  At the restart, Leist managed to improve on his time and leapfrogged up to third but could not improve any further. Leist was then bested by Randle at the chequered flag to claim third place.

At the end of the final session of the day, the top ten was made up of: Collard, Norris, Randle, Leist, Sowery, Reddy, Ngebulana, Huovinen, Ahmed and Quinlan Lall.

Practice 4 Results

1Ricky CollardCarlin1m44.730
2Lando NorrisCarlin+0.033
3Thomas RandleDouglas Motorsport+0.106
4Matheus Leist Double R Racing+0.179
5Toby SoweryLanan Racing+0.532
6Tarun ReddyFortec Motorsports+0.573
7Sisa NgebulanaHHC Motorsport+0.575
8Aleksanteri HuovinenDouble R Racing+0.806
9Enaam AhmedDouglas Motorsport+0.864
10Quinlan LallChris Dittmann Racing+1.146
11Ameya VaidynathanCarlin+1.188
12Ben HingeleyHHC Motorsport+1.292
13Al Faisal Al ZubairFortec Motorsports+1.528
14Enzo BortoletoDouble R Racing+1.584
15Jan JonckSean Walkinshaw Racing+1.703
16Akhail RabindraLanan Racing+1.718
17Eugene DenyssenSean Walkinshaw Racing+2.265
18Paul SieljensChris Dittmann Racing+2.618
19Jeremy WahomeChris Dittmann Racing+2.647
20Thomas MaxwellSean Walkinshaw Racing+2.720
21Omar Ismail Chris Dittmann RacingNo Time

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