Mercedes’ Zetsche condemns Ecclestone outburst

Dieter Zetsche has condemned Bernie Ecclestone’s attack on Formula 1, and insists his actions will only do more harm than good for the sport.

Mercedes chief executive Zetsche insists the comments made by F1 Supremo Ecclestone should have been made in private rather through the press after Ecclestone had spoken about Formula 1 being in a bad state and pretty predictable.

“Formula 1 is the worst it has ever been,” said Ecclestone to the Daily Mail. “I wouldn’t spend my money to take my family to watch a race. No way.

“What’s the point when you pretty much know — and the bookmakers know, and they’re not stupid — that Lewis Hamilton will probably put the car on pole and more likely than not win.”

But Zetsche has hit out at Ecclestone, insisting he should be trying to promote the product rather than condemn it like he did.

“At the Geneva Motor Show I was not going on the stage to say I would never drive a Mercedes and customers should better not do it,” said Zetsche at a Mercedes E-class presentation in Portugal.

“I don’t understand how someone who is not only the CEO but partial owner of that product talks that way about the product.

“If he feels like that, it should be discussed internally how to change it, but not as a sales pitch.”

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