Nico Hulkenberg: Halo system ‘sends the wrong message”

Nico Hulkenberg does not believe the proposed halo head protection system is the way Formula 1 should go, and feels safety standards within the sport are already at a good level.

The Sahara Force India driver feels the halo system ‘looks horrible’, and would be willing to accept the danger risks that the German believes is an element of the sport that keeps spectators interested.

The halo system is set to be introduced for the 2017 season and a version from Ferrari made its track debut during the final two days of the second pre-season test at the Circuit de Catalunya, but Hulkenberg feels it sends the wrong message about the sport.

“Don’t do it. It sends the wrong message. F1 is very safe at the moment,” said Hulkenberg. “It looks horrible, I don’t like it and it’s just one of these little personal things that I wouldn’t like to see it.

“You can’t sterilise the sport. There needs to be an element of danger – I think in a way that’s sexy and attractive and it’s also what Formula 1 needs.

“Safety standards in F1 are pretty high and very good, I’d be happy to accept those risks and keep running as we are. Personally I don’t like how it looks and for me it feels like trying to eliminate every little bit of risk.”

  • Dman541

    FormulaOneWorld I can solve this real easy. Make it an option for the drivers. Don’t mandate it.

  • FormulaOneWorld

    .Dman541 Teams & Sponsors will default to Health & Safety option…

  • SebbeDamier

    FormulaOneWorld …plus, not quite sure it would have saved Bianchi’s life. Nothing can save you from outstandings human mistakes.

  • Dman541

    FormulaOneWorld like I said make it the drivers option it is there head at risk it always will be