Promoters seeking to introduce new Dallara car in 2018

Formula V8 3.5 could introduce a new chassis as soon as 2018 after Sporting Director Jordi Castells and President of RPM Jamie Alguersuari Snr made a recent visit to the Dallara factory.

The current package has been used since 2012, and since RPM took control of the series at the end of 2015 following Renault withdrawing their support for the championship, they have been investigating the way forward for the series.

The original package was only intended to run for three years, which would have taken it to the end of last season, but due to the change in promoters, the current chassis and engine package will remain in place at least until the end of 2017, with Castells and Alguersuari Jr looking into its replacement.

“We wanted to collect information on the timing we need if we’re going to build a new car for 2018,” said Castells on Autosport. “If we go ahead, we know we would have to start before the end of this season.

“We need to speak with the teams during the season and try and tell them what we’re doing no later than June or July.

“Clearly, a new car will depend on several factors; what the teams’ different preferences are, the driver market and the situation in different championships for these types of car.

“We could continue with the same car in 2018. The second possibility is we could introduce an update kit, a new front wing, rear wing and maybe the sidepods.

“The third one is to do a 100 per cent new car, even if we maintain some of the current mechanical parts, such as the brakes, suspension and gearbox.”