Magnussen punished following missed weight check in Bahrain

by Paul Hensby

Kevin Magnussen will be forced to start from the pit lane for Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix after the Renault Sport F1 driver was penalised for missing a weight check during second practice.

The Danish driver ignored a red light indicating for him to stop for the weight check, violating Article 29.1 of the sporting regulations, and thus ensuring he will start from the pit lane for the Grand Prix.

Renault believed the light was for Red Bull Racing’s Daniil Kvyat, who did stop to be weighed when not supposed to, but the FIA did not accept this as a good enough reason for Magnussen to escape any punishment.

“The driver failed to stop for weighing during P2 when signalled to do so by the red traffic light, the car was not returned to the FIA garage and work was undertaken,” said the stewards statement.

“In accordance with Article 29.1 iv) of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations the driver is required to start from the pit lane.”

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