Michelin ready for ‘moonlike conditions’ as Rally Argentina gets going

Michelin are confident that their tyres will help WRC and WRC2 competitiors ‘another great show’ as the FIA World Rally Championship gets underway in South America for the 2016 Rally Argentina.

“Rally Argentina promises to be another great show but as difficult as ever,” predicts Jacques Morelli, manager of Michelin’s FIA World Rally Championship programme. “Last year, the competitors used our hard-compound tyre after poor weather damaged certain stages, leaving the surface littered with stones.”

A change of route for 2016 brings competitiors a new challenge for the weekend ahead, “This time round, the combination of extremely fast, sandy portions early in the event and the steeper, rockier terrain encountered in the moonlike Traslasierra Mountains means competitors will need a tyre that is both competitive and strong.

“Our WRC partners will be able to choose between the Michelin LTX Force H4 and S4, while our WRC2 partners will have the S81 and H91, two new tyres which got their career off to a flying start with a class win in Mexico last month.”