High tyre pressures hampering McLaren’s progress

Credit: Octane Photographic

The McLaren F1 team’s lack of performance in Monaco this weekend, is believed to be down to their continued struggles with the high tyre pressures stipulated by Pirelli this season.

The Woking based squad asked the FIA to clarify exactly what was permitted in terms of keeping to the specified pressures, as it seems some teams have found a work around that has allowed them to lower the psi without it being noticed, and have therefore managed to gain an edge on their rivals.

Speaking to motorsport.com, McLaren Team Boss Eric Boullier, confirmed it was causing the Woking based squad issues.

“I don’t know what the other teams are doing to be honest.

“We may have an opinion or some suspicions, but we have to focus on our own problems. I guess we are not the only team with this scenario or this issue, to get the best out of the tyres.

“We are working on it, trying to work around this very high starting pressure, which is hurting clearly the grip of the car, but also makes your tyres grain easier than necessary.”

Boullier and McLaren CEO Ron Dennis, had stated before the Monaco Grand Prix weekend that McLaren would be competitive on the streets of Monte-Carlo, but so far that has not been the case and the pair have been left looking somewhat stupid as drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso struggle to get the right balance in the MP4-31. Alonso did manage to qualify in tenth place but will probably need it to rain in order to score some decent points on Sunday.

  • EddieHocknull

    Rach_H79FGP1 Makes Alonso’s P5 finish all the more impressive!

  • Rach_H79FGP1

    EddieHocknull Yeah absolute masterclass from Alonso today! :)

  • EddieHocknull

    Rach_H79FGP1 Not bad for someone supposedly on his last legs, according to Sky F1. Still reckon he’ll get a podium this season

  • Rach_H79FGP1

    EddieHocknull He’s still the best driver out there in my opinion, and yeah agree he will be on that podium by the end of the year

  • EddieHocknull

    Rach_H79FGP1 And I completely agree with you on that. McLaren will get back to the top with him driving for them