Kevin Magnussen: “The best is yet to come”

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Kevin Magnussen believes the best is yet to come ahead of this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The Renault Sport Formula 1 driver had a disappointing race at the Circuit de Catalunya, when battling for thirteenth him and team-mate Jolyon Palmer came together on the final lap. The stewards deemed Magnussen responsible leading to a ten-second penalty that relegated him to fifteenth, finishing the Grand Prix two places behind Palmer.

“I was pretty gutted as I was pushing so hard for the entire race and yet the performance wasn’t coming,” said Magnussen.

“There was a good opportunity after the crash on the first lap to move forward through the field, yet we weren’t able to do so. We couldn’t see anything on the data that was wrong with the car, so you start asking if the tyres aren’t in their working range or is there some other issue?

“After the race the team discovered that the steering rack was damaged from contact with the kerbs which meant the handling was unpredictable and explained why I wasn’t able to get the performance I expected. I didn’t stop pushing though, especially after we made a late stop for a fresh set of tyres.”

The Danish driver believes he has always been fast at the Monte Carlo circuit but hasn’t achieved the results to show it.

“Monaco is always a nice experience,” added Magnussen. “The circuit is awesome to drive and the event is one of the most spectacular of the season.

“There’s a great history of Formula 1 there and the whole experience is great. I’ve always been fast there but I haven’t had the results to show it. The best is yet to come.”