Ligier JS P217 begins construction phase

Construction work has begun on the monocoque for the new Ligier-badged LMP2 car that will make its race debut in 2017.

Onroak Automotive confirmed that it is finalising the Ligier JS P217 monocoque for the mandatory 21 static tests and two crash tests imposed by the FIA homologation rules.

The sports prototype coupe will eligible for the world’s top endurance racing championships when the new LMP2 rules come into effect in 2017.

In March, Onroak dispatched the CAD files for validation of the bodywork and mechanical elements of the car. Recently, the company moved on to its next stage with completion of the aerodynamic package using CFD and wind tunnel calculations.

Today, we’ve reached the end of the analysis of numerous design studies and aerodynamic validation for the Ligier JS P217, and we’re very pleased with the results we’ve obtained and the solutions we’ve chosen,” said chief designer Nicolas Clémençon.

“We took advantage of the experience we gained on the Ligier JS P2 for the design of this new LMP2 sports prototype, and in parallel we’ve worked hard on optimising the different fields of action defined by the new regulations.”

“We’ve tried to retain the strong points of the Ligier JS P2, and we’ve improved its weak points by bringing in new aerodynamic concepts that have helped us to achieve a performance gain. We’ve reached the objectives we set ourselves at the start of the project.”

Onroak has also announced Hewland as the developer of the JS P217’s transmission and gearbox elements. The British company will work closely with Ligier JS P217 customers with the adaptation of gearbox settings and the provision of spare parts.

The car’s suspension will be developed by PKM Consulting which has previously worked with Onroak on the Morgan LMP2 and the Ligier JS P2.

Onroak is expecting to take delivery of its 4 litre 600 bhp V8 engine from spec supplier Gibson Technologies in mid-August, with the car’s first track appearance bookmarked for the end of the month.