Mercedes issue open letter to conspiracy theorists

The Mercedes AMG PETRONAS squad has issued an open letter to fans in a bid to quash the conspiracy theories making the rounds on social media in regards to Lewis Hamilton‘s recent spate of bad luck, stressing the point that they stand united as a team, and always have done.

Following a second MGU-H failure in two races for Hamilton, fans of the Brit began to voice their opinions on social media network’s such as Twitter and Facebook, that something did not seem right or fair in the current world champion’s misfortune, believing that it could not just be down to bad luck anymore and that the team were in some way sabotaging their own driver.

The German squad, having become frustrated with such ludicrous accusations, felt the need to write an open letter to fans expressing just how much of a nightmare the last few races have been for them too, and to reassure them that everyone matter’s in their team, be they drivers, engineers, office workers or factory workers back at Brackley, no one employee is shown favouritism over another.

The letter points out that F1 is a mechanical sport, where teams are pushing the boundaries on a daily basis, and due to that unfortunately failures can happen. They explain the lengths the team and others went to in Russia and the UK in order to get spare parts that would fix Hamilton’s PU without him having to incur any further penalties, and so that the Brit would start no lower than tenth place for the race.

The team also make reference to the remarkable job Hamilton did in getting the car over the line on Sunday, after suffering from a water pressure issue that saw the current world champion running with zero water pressure for the final sixteen laps.

They finish their response by stating there will always be highs and lows, good days and bad, success and defeats, but through all of it they stand as one team. They end by thanking those that already support them through thick and thin, whilst hoping they can convince the rest of what they truly stand for.

The letter was posted on Twitter earlier today and can also be found at: