Mercedes powered teams voted against raising fuel limit

As part of the 2017 engine rules changes that were recently finalised by the FIA, the fuel limit is set to rise from 100kg to 105kg, to allow the 2017 cars to fully maximise their potential, as they become faster next year.

The Mercedes AMG PETRONAS, Williams Martini Racing, Sahara Force India and Manor Racing teams all voted against the ruling, on the grounds that Formula One has a responsibility to the environment and should promote a ‘green’ image. Rivals however believe there is more to it, reasoning that the Mercedes runners were more concerned with the effect it would have on their competitiveness, than being environmentally friendly.

Speaking to, Mercedes Motorsport Boss Toto Wolff, advised that raised emission usage was their main reason for voting against the fuel increase.

“Actually Claire [Williams] brought it to the point in the meeting itself,” said Wolff.  “The whole world is looking at reducing emissions.

“This is what is happening out there. Can we possibly out of the sheer principle vote in favour of increasing fuel allowance from 100kgs to 105kgs?  If the sport needs it it’s fair enough to do it, but as a principle we have decided that we won’t go there, and we will say no.

“We knew that we will be the only four to vote against it and it was a lost case. It didn’t make any difference.”