Mücke lucky to walk away from Eau Rouge crash

A puncture is the likely cause of the huge crash experienced by Ford Chip Ganassi Racing’s Stefan Mücke during the Six Hours of Spa-Francorchamps on Saturday.

Mücke crashed heavily at Eau Rouge, hitting the tyre wall on the outside of the track before spinning to a stop in the centre of the track, causing a safety car period while the car was recovered and the driver was taken to hospital.

Team Principal George Howard-Chapell was happy to see Mücke emerge from the hospital with a clean bill of health, and believes a deflated tyre caused the incident, although further checks with data will need to be made to be sure.

“The most important thing is that Stefan is okay,” said Howard-Chapell after the race. “Typically, he is more concerned with the car than himself.

“We need to look at the data to find out what happened but at the moment we suspect it was a puncture.”

Driver Mücke visited the local hospital after the vicious crash, and thanked the team for providing him with a strong car to enable him to get away from the crash unscathed.

“Everything is okay,” said Mücke after his hospital trip. “I feel okay and it is good to know we have a strong car. Thank you to the team for building me a safe car.”