Pirelli announce Hungarian GP compound choices

Pirelli have announced the choices of compounds that will be utilised during this years Hungarian Grand Prix, set to take place across the weekend of 21-24 July.

The Formula 1 tyre manufacturer will bring the P Zero white Medium, yellow Soft and red Supersoft compounds to the Hungaroring, meaning the Ultrasoft and Hard tyres will not be used at any point that weekend.

Pirelli have also mandated the tyres that must be kept back by drivers for qualifying and the race, with one set of Medium tyres and one set of Soft tyres to be held back for the race, with at least one of those sets to be used during the race.

Drivers must also hold back one set of the Supersoft tyres for the top ten shoot-out, with those who make it through into that qualifying phase giving the set back after the session, while the rest of the field will have them available for the race, should they want to use them.

The drivers will have free choice of which tyres to bring to Hungary, with only the three mandated sets chosen by Pirelli. Drivers have to make their choices eight weeks in advance of the race.