Rio Haryanto: “The first few races have been positive for me”

Rio Haryanto competes in his fifth Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya eyeing up further improvement from himself as he acclimatises himself to the championship.

The first Indonesian-born Formula 1 driver has a home near Barcelona for the European rounds of the championship, and Haryanto feels happy with how his season has gone so far, even if the Manor Racing driver has retired twice from the four races so far, though neither through any fault of his own however.

“I really like it here; the weather is good and it’s a really cool city with plenty of interesting places for me to train,” said Haryanto. “My trainer is Spanish so he knows all the best places and I know the area like the back of my hand now.

“I feel good about the season so far. I’ve had a bit of bad luck but generally the first few races have been positive for me. I feel quite happy with the way I’m learning and developing with each new race, particularly in terms of my pace.

“You learn to put the disappointments to one side and use it as extra determination for the next event. So I’m ready to get stuck into the weekend here.

“It’s a track I know really well so we should be up to speed quite quickly and able to get a good impression of how our package works here.”