Rio Haryanto: “It was good to see the chequered flag”

Rio Haryanto felt the strategy decision to be the only driver to start the Spanish Grand Prix on the Medium Pirelli tyre could have worked better had he not encountered as much traffic as he did once those who started ahead of him pitted.

The Manor Racing driver was ultimately compromised by the tyre choice at the Circuit de Catalunya, and finished as the final of the seventeen finishers, and Haryanto is eager to find out why the Medium tyre did not work as well as the Soft tyre.

“After the disappointment of Russia, it was good to see the chequered flag today,” reflected Haryanto after the Grand Prix in Spain. “We decided to go long on the Medium for the first stint but there was too much traffic at that stage of the race so our strategy didn’t work out so well for us.

“For my third stint I was quite quick on the Soft tyres, so we need to understand why the Mediums worked less well for us.

“It’s been a mixed weekend but I’m looking forward to Monaco where I think things will go better for us.”