Williams run with double decker rear wing on first day of Barcelona testing

Williams Martini Racing have been the talk of the paddock this morning in Barcelona as they headed out on to circuit with Alex Lynn for the first day of testing at Circuit de Catalunya with an innovative rear wing design.

Although an officially organised test, teams are able to run to specifications outside of the rules, including aerodynamic devices that extend further than the specified dimensions in the rulebook.

There has been no official word from the team as to what is being tested but it is rumoured that they are trying the new wing to help develop the chassis and understand how the car would handle with a much greater downforce load.

The double decker wing features an extended wider plane ahead of the main wing elements with the addition of extra winglets, along with this the team are also running extra elements at the front of the car.

While the design is unlikely to make it on to the car later in the season due to exceeding specifications, it should help the team move forward on both their current car and their designs for the 2017 championship challenger.