Esteban Gutierrez: “We knew it was going to be very tough”

Esteban Gutierrez - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

An unwell Esteban Gutierrez was grateful for the Canadian Grand Prix weekend to be over, admitting to not enjoying the experience due to his illness, with the Mexican finishing outside the points in thirteenth on Sunday.

The Haas F1 Team driver revealed to struggling to get his Pirelli tyres working at the optimum temperature early in the stints at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, and then struggling to keep that temperature towards the end of each stint.

Gutierrez knows the team need to work harder on the tyre temperature issues that have blighted their weekends since the early part of the season.

“It wasn’t an easy race,” revealed Gutierrez. “I was struggling a lot to get the tires to work and then at the end of every stint it was difficult to keep the temperature in them, and once you start losing that the car starts to slide and it’s like driving on ice.

“This weekend we knew it was going to be very tough with the cool weather, but now we need to analyze how we can compensate and try to put more emphasis into the tires to make them work to give us an easier race.

“I didn’t enjoy it too much as I’m not feeling very well, but the weekend is now over and I’m looking forward to Baku.”