Ferrari look to boost potential in Canada with PU and Chassis upgrades

by Rachel Hack

The Scuderia Ferrari team are set to introduce chassis and power unit upgrades, which include a new rear suspension for the SF16-H, at the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix, with Sebastian Vettel to be the sole beneficiary.

The upgrade will use up a further three of the Maranello-based squad’s remaining tokens, with Ferrari having already spent the same amount prior to the 2016 Russian Grand Prix, three rounds ago. The modification should allow Vettel, who will receive his third power unit in Montreal, to experience greater deployment from the energy recovery system, as well as receiving an extra power boost from the new specification turbo.

Speaking to, Ferrari’s Head of the Power Unit department, Mattia Binotto, explained the benefit of bringing the new parts to Canada.

“The hybrid system is important [in Canada], because the main straight requires to deliver all the power, and make sure that in the mixed part of the circuit you are correctly recovering the energy and getting the energy storage quite full by the time you accelerate our of the hairpin and onto the main straight.”

A new fuel developed by supplier Shell will also be brought into the mix to compliment the new engine mapping, and should also aid performance.

The upgrades have been pushed through now in a bid to move closer to the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS and Red Bull Racing teams in qualifying, a session Ferrari have been lagging behind in of late, whilst their nearest competitors appear to be going from strength to strength.

In Monaco, Vettel was unable to go any faster than his Q2 lap time in the final segment of qualifying, which was baffling for the Italian squad. To try and resolve the issues, a modified rear suspension has been brought in which should allow them to work in better harmony with the Pirelli tyre pressure restrictions, an area that has caused them concern over the last few races, as they have really struggled to get the rubber working in the optimum operating window.

Ferrari Team Boss, Maurizio Arrivabene, hopes the changes will see an end to their tyre woes.

“We know the problem is related to how our car works with the tyres.

“We have to work and solve this problem, because if we cannot start in the top positions then we face problems that should not be ours”

Ferrari have so far not been able to maximise their potential this season, or even prosper from the bad luck of their competitors, and when you are already on the back foot to start with you cannot afford to miss those opportunities.

Everybody would love to see the top teams battling it out at the front, so it will be interesting to see if these new upgrades work in Ferrari’s favour this time around.

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