Sebastian Vettel: “We want to have the best car overall”

Sebastian Vettel - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Sebastian Vettel is hoping his Scuderia Ferrari team have a far more competitive weekend around the Red Bull Ring than they managed last time out at the Baku Street Circuit, even if the German finished second to Nico Rosberg.

Ferrari were noticeably off the pace of the Mercedes team at the European Grand Prix, but Vettel is hopeful that the Austrian Grand Prix will see the Italian team more on par with their rivals.

Vettel knows Ferrari do not have the best car on the grid, but is happy they are making gains almost every race, even though they have yet to taste the champagne for winning a race so far in 2016.

“We are pushing very hard and to be honest nothing has changed, we are not looking too much at what the others do, we are looking after ourselves, trying to improve where we need to improve, looking after our weaknesses, trying to focus on our strengths, then we see where this takes us,” said Vettel.

“Here we expect to be competitive, how competitive is what we see every weekend. Some track characteristics may suit you more than others, so I can’t give you a number, but I’m pretty confident we will all be closer here than we were in Baku and obviously we will try to be even more competitive than we’ve been in Montreal.

“If we look at where we were and where we are now, we can say we made a big step forward. We haven’t got the best car, it’s not a secret, but we want to have the best car overall. I think that closing the loop in all fields we made massive progress, I think more than anybody else has, so it’s a reason to be proud of, but surely what we are here for is winning races.”