TCF Goes Racing: Part 4 – Getting Sorted

by Team TCF

Well if I sounded a little disillusioned in my last blog, in this blog the overarching them would be one of excitement, as it daunts on me that I could be fast (hopefully!) approaching Paddock Hill bend in a matter of months.

Firstly, a BIG thank you to Paul Sutcliffe from the British Motorsport Marshal’s Club , who got in touch with me following on from my last blog, and having messaged them a few times, we have provisionally agreed for me to partake in both their next marshal training day at Oulton Park, and then to take on the role as a race marshal later this year – who hasn’t wanted to get to wear one of those race suits?!?! Though genuinely I am really excited about this, without marshals the sport would not be able to survive, and I think the experience will not be a chance to give something back and get closer to the action, I think the experience will also help with my preparation to my debut race weekend in 2016.

Most of my time since the last blog has focussed on reviewing and buying my safety gear, all of which is in place apart from deciding which race helmet and hans and I have to say this is somewhat of a daunting issue, as it is commonly known you should not scrimp in this area, as if you do, the consequences do not bare thinking of.

That said, it is very difficult to distinguish what the real difference between spending £350 and £450 would actually mean, so if anyone has any feedback, advise, please  tweet me (@nickrmarketing) as I would really appreciate some help with this one…….

But apart from the helmet and hans, – fireproof underwear check, gloves check, race boots check and race overalls check! Have I missed anything off??!?

In terms of series, I have contacted a number which I have reviewed and seen advertised, and again I am amazed that even when you say you are interested in racing in their series and pose a few questions to them, seldom how few come back to you – but I will leave that for another day! I do think I have chosen what series I am going to race in, however I am just awaiting some further information from them just to check that it is line with my budget…..

Talking of my budget, one of the things I have been busy doing since my last blog is sending out a few sponsorship letters out, and despite having a career in sponsorship and raising (quite a lot of!) money for others, I have been unsuccessful so far, but to be fair I haven’t spent anywhere like enough time on this. I have however applied for a number of sponsorship schemes, such as Demon Tweeks and Morris Lubricant initiatives which both look like fantastic initiatives……

I think for all racers like me, who don’t have the technical skills to self build or maintain their own race cars, budgets are a key part of the preparation and has been something which I have spent a lot of time on, as I want to ensure I can afford to race for the season and not have to start. In my next blog, I will share where I am with that as the Autosport show will allow me to finalise the budget, and potentially even put down a deposit on a car / entry fee…  OMG, this is happening, #excitingtimesahead

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