Was Croft a Carrera Cup GB Turning Point?

Zamparelli was the man on form for the entire weekend. As Dan Cammish found his recent run of success abruptly halted by technical gremlins in his Redline Racing car, the obvious question was whether Dino could have beaten Dan in a straight fight.

Based on Friday testing times, the answer is unquestionably yes. Zamparelli’s fastest time of a 1m:21:250s was nearly nine-tenths fastest than what the championship leader was able to manage. Now yes, Cammish had issues for the majority of the weekend, but even with a healthy Type 991 GT3 Cup he doubtless would have had a fight on his hands.

Zamparelli’s fastest time in practice was also a full four-tenths faster than Cammish’s pole-position lap-time a year previously. Some of that is the development, with the Type 991 in its third year of running in the UK. Still, it all points to Zamparelli being the man most likely whatever the circumstances in Yorkshire.

So just how crucial was Croft as a weekend? Well a twenty-point championship advantage has shrunk drastically to only three, but that really isn’t the crux of this issue. What Croft demonstrated, was that Zamparelli has unlocked the final bit of potential that has been absent this year, and just keeping Cammish ahead. Now Dino has seemingly found this, and it may not even be a physical thing, more of a feeling the driver has in the car. All this adds up to a thrilling final four rounds of the 2016 contest. Cammish will fight-back and more wins will come but what was starting to look like a secure second title now seems far less certain.

A final point of reference. In 2014 rookie Josh Webster was able to capitalise on the bad-luck of his title rival Michael Meadows to claim a dominant double at Croft and from this point his successful title charge truly began. Zamparelli will be hoping to emulate the 2014 champion and Cammish will be hoping he can turn the tide back in his favour.

So was Croft a Carrera Cup GB turning point? In all likelihood, yes. Maybe. Possibly. I’ll tell you after the final race at Brands Hatch.

Zamparelli vs Cammish. Game-on. (Credit: James Lipman)
Zamparelli vs Cammish. Game-on. (Credit: James Lipman)