ERC and BRC Circuit of Ireland Rally cancelled for 2017

Next year’s Circuit of Ireland Rally will not take place for both European Rally and British Rally Championships respectively due to an uncertainty with funding.

The announcement made by the Rally Event Director Bobby Willis comes after some difficult times in previous seasons for the rally, which is tipped to be in the World Rally Championship in the future.

Willis said about the cancellation of next year’s Circuit of Ireland Rally “The decision not to run the Rally next year has been the most difficult one I have ever had to make and will be extremely disappointing for a wide range of people including the hundreds of volunteers who have contributed so much.”

“Year-on-year, the event has brought increasing social and economic dividends for Northern Ireland and, in particular, the tourism and hospitality sector. But the growing success and size of the event necessitates precise long-term project planning, additional resources and inevitably more financial investment.”

Willis added about the future of the Circuit of Ireland Rally, mentioning about protecting the rally for future generations. “The Circuit of Ireland Rally has reached a level of success unimaginable only a few years ago, attracting an enviable international entry list and with opportunities for even more growth within our grasp.

“For those reasons it is vital that the ‘Circuit of Ireland’ brand is protected for future generations. Whilst other options for a small, local rally may be considered for next year, my plan is to take the time to work closely with our partners to secure the necessary resources and plan for the Circuit of Ireland Rally to return in 2018 with an even better event.”