Halo ‘not the complete solution’ says Red Bull’s Newey

Adrian Newey - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Whilst agreeing that something does need to be done with regards to head safety in Formula 1 and single seater motorsport, Adrian Newey does not believe the proposed Halo system is the answer.

The legendary designer and Red Bull Racing’s chief technical officer believes that while the Halo will offer some protection to drivers heads, some accidents could still occur, believing a different idea such as a closed canopy or the Red Bull-designed aeroscreen solution.

Red Bull tested the halo system at the recent in-season test at Silverstone in the hands of test driver Pierre Gasly, and Newey believes that the aerodynamic effect on the car is not that vast.

“Aerodynamic design, it’s not a huge influence,” said Newey. “I do believe that something needs to be done and there are various solutions.

“One of the things certainly that could be immediately addressed, and in many formulas, is that while wheel tethers have been a huge step forwards, they are not 100 percent and we still see wheels coming off completely in Formula One and also in the lower formulas.

“I think that needs further work, but that wouldn’t solve some of the accidents we have seen because it’s not been all wheels flying around. We can all debate whether it should be a Halo, a simpler solution like a rod running down the centre line or indeed the open canopy or the closed canopy. It’s a difficult one.

“I think the Halo will help in some of the accidents that have occurred, but it’s not the complete solution. We’ve got to keep working.”

Pierre Gasly - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd
Pierre Gasly – Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd