Palmer would be happy if the halo was scrapped

Jolyon Palmer - Credit: Renault Sport F1

Renault Sport F1 driver Jolyon Palmer wants the controversial halo system to be scraped after Sebastian Vettel felt the system restricted the vision of the driver.

The head protection concept has been revised since it was introduced in pre-season testing, with ‘Halo 2’ being driven by Scuderia Ferrari during first practice at the British Grand Prix and then by Red Bull Racing in in-season testing.

Vettel expressed his concern for the halo concept but whether that will affect the decision made by the FIA will be decided in due course, and Palmer has now spoken out against the halo system, believing that the essence of Formula 1 will be lost if the system is introduced.

“I’d be very happy,” said Palmer. “I just think it’s pretty ugly, it’s against the tradition in Formula One – I like the open cockpit. I think it’s safe enough as it is otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it if I was worried.

“There are other safety implications as well in terms of getting out the car and the Halo 2 I think is being revised as well so clearly there’s something that’s not ideal about that. I think at the moment having an open cockpit and traditional Formula One is where it should be. And the car is much better looking as well.”