Red Bull set to vote against 2017 halo introduction

Pierre Gasly - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Red Bull Racing became the second team to run the controversial halo system after Ferrari at the in-season test at Silverstone, but they plan to vote against its introduction in 2017.

Ferrari tested the halo cockpit system in pre-season testing, with an updated version “Halo 2” in practice at the British Grand Prix, but after a single out lap Sebastian Vettel raised some visibility concerns, and felt there was still work to be done on the system.

The FIA are in favour of the halo system being introduced in 2017 but Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has again voice his concern over the system, with Pierre Gasly having experienced the halo at Silverstone on Tuesday.

“It’s an inelegant solution to the problem it is trying to deal with,” said Horner, when asked about the halo following Sunday’s British Grand Prix.  “I would prefer there to be more research time taken to do the job properly rather than rushing something through that may have other consequences.

“I’m not a big fan of the halo and the limitations that it has.  I certainly wouldn’t vote in favour at the moment.”

The FIA are determined to get the Halo system enforced in 2017, it still has to be voted in by the teams at the strategy group and F1 commission levels but the FIA may overrule on safety grounds.

Red Bull built an alternative aeroscreen system but it struggled to meet safety standards, with the team having stopped development of their system for the time.