Welshman Pryce to star at 2016 Rally Finland

Wales’ Osian Pryce is ready for the biggest drive of his young career as he takes on the fast-flowing stages of Rally Finland.

Pryce, with his co-driver Dale Furniss secured two prize drives in the World Rally Championship-based Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy last time out in Poland.

Pryce and Furniss were supposed to compete in the ‘Thousand Lakes Rally’, but were forced out last year due to budget. But this week, their dream comes true as they approach speeds of over 100 miles per hour on the 24 stages that make up Rally Finland.

Pryce is excited to tackle Finland for the first time, saying “For anybody involved in this sport, Finland has always been such a special place. Like everybody, I have grown up watching footage of guys like Marcus Grönholm or Markku Alén driving roads with unpronounceable names like Ouninpohja or Mökkiperä and now I’m here and about to be doing the same thing – it’s fantastic. It really is a dream.”

Even though a second win in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy is on the agenda for Pryce and Furniss, they are also focused on winning an even bigger prize. “Tricky as it is in a place like Finland, in more ways than one, I’ve got to keep my feet on the ground this week. The way the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy is organised, we have three chances to take a really big win in the year and Finland is one of those opportunities. With another two 2017 events up for grabs this week, it’s vital we drive with that in mind.

“Having said that, the pace in this championship is so quick, we’re going to have to be flat-out from the start and, I’m sure, for the whole event to stay close to the front.”