Guenther Steiner: “Pirelli has done a great job”

Gunther Steiner spoke ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix (Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd)

Haas F1 Team Principal Guenther Steiner is focusing on all different aspects of the Belgium Grand Prix, from tyre strategies to the unpredictability of a safety car which can change the dynamic of the race.

Tyres have been a major factor of the season so far and with Spa having fast flowing corners which puts a lot of load on the tyres, tyre degradation could affect the race.

“Pirelli has stepped up to give minimum tyre pressure and I think that helps a lot,” said Steiner.  “They get a lot of data from the teams and then they use that data to give advice. They usually give advice on tire pressure and what the maximum laps on tyres should be.

“The biggest factor is them giving the minimum tire pressure from the data they have collected from the teams. Pirelli has done a great job with that and it helps a lot.”  

Fuel management and radio communication have been a hot topic and have split the opinion of the paddock but Steiner has to deal with the new regulation for the best of the team.

“Fuel management is about the same, and it’s very important because the car needs the right time to lift off. Now with the radio communication, it is helpful because the engineer can give advice rather than in the past when the driver would ask and the engineer could not answer.”

Haas F1 have tried to incorporate more people into their team to enjoy the racing with them and become more involved in the publicity of Formula 1.

“The customers love it. I would think it would be pretty cool to be associated with a company that just got their own Formula One team. They’re truly a part of Haas F1 Team. The customers at these events have fun, and they’re able to talk and interact with our drivers.”