Hamilton’s weekend hampered by engine change grid penalty

Großer Preis von Belgien 2016, Donnerstag. Credit: Mercedes AMG PETRONAS

Mercedes AMG PETRONAS driver Lewis Hamilton will incur a fifteen place grid penalty at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix as things currently stand, for taking a fresh power unit this weekend.

The Brit will use his sixth MGU-H and also his sixth turbo during Friday practice, and with the limit before penalty being five components, the current world champion has had to concede to taking the hit. More changes are expected as the weekend goes on, which would see that grid penalty become larger.

Team-mate Nico Rosberg will also receive a new engine this weekend, but the German has not yet exceeded the five component limit.

Hamilton’s early season technical problems, which saw him lose ground to Rosberg at the time, will now impose their wrath once again as the Brit has had to make far more PU changes than would originally have been planned.

Hamilton however has a relaxed attitude to the whole situation, placing no blame on the team, and confirmed during the Thursday press conference that he will do all he can to make the best of the weekend.

“I will do everything I can to minimise the impact I have.

“Otherwise, beyond that penalty, I think I will be able to continue with the momentum I had before the break.”

Although taking victory in Spa this weekend is perhaps a longshot, the Brit is not ready to rule it out, and will be focused on achieving that aim, whilst doing his best to salvage whatever he can from the weekend.

“I think in terms of winning, that is the goal but it will be very, very hard – the gap has closed between other cars, we are in third year of evolution of cars and Red Bull is quick – same as Ferrari.

“It will be harder than it was last year or year before to climb through field. It will be about minimising the damage of taking a penalty.”