Kevin Magnussen: “It is a very frustrating and challenging time.”

Magnussen is still positive about his prospects at Renault

Kevin Magnussen still feels motivated at Renault because he believes the French manufacturer has potential to succeed in the future.

Even though the Renault has been relatively uncompetitive this season, the Danish driver still feels positive heading into the second half the season and 2017.

Magnussen’s future is still uncertain with the likes of Esteban Ocon, Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas all in contention for his seat but the Dane has continued to stay positive despite all the speculation.

“It’s difficult not even racing for points, if you’re racing in P16, P15, chasing someone down, and you do catch him and overtake him, you still get no points.” Magnussen told ESPN.

“It is a very frustrating and challenging time. But I know what I’m working towards. You can always motivate yourself by thinking about next year and the year after – learning as much as possible, preparing yourself for the chance. That’s how F1 is, suddenly you can be in a car that can win and you have to deliver. Learning and preparing for that time is what I’m doing now.”

The only glimmer of hope in a rather disappointing season was the seventh place in Sochi, Russia which has been Renault’s only points this season.

“Russia, for example, that’s the big one, getting points. We qualified P17, on a track that really wasn’t our track, so to still score decent points was good.”