Sainz believes the 2015 power unit could compromise the team

Sainz concerned about the development of the 2015 power unit

Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz believes the team could fall behind their rivals because of the lack development from their 2015 Ferrari power unit.

Sainz fears that without development on the 2015 power unit the team could drop off the pace, especially with the majority of the Formula 1 field focusing so much on the power unit.

We knew it would come and I think it came already a couple of races ago, but I think our performance was really good at Silverstone, really good in Austria,” said Sainz.

“In Budapest we managed to hide it. In the last three races we have been struggling a bit more, having to experiment a lot with the set-ups to compensate for this.”

The Faenza- based team had no other choice but to run the 2015 engine this year, as the team would have to build a brand new car to accommodate the 2016 power unit which was not possible.

Toro Rosso brought a huge upgrade to the German Grand Prix but Sainz has admitted that they still suffer on the straights.

“It’s an upgrade to produce downforce, but we can’t put downforce on the car because we are clearly the slowest car on the straights by far,” the Spaniard added.

“We’ve calculated and we are losing more than a second in total on the straights. We are having to run really, really low downforce. So it doesn’t matter if you bring updates for downforce in your car if you can’t run them because of the lack of power, so you are still in the same position. It worked, we just can’t put all our beans on the car at the moment”.

After the summer break, F1 heads to Spa-Francorchamps which could be a struggle for Toro Rosso because of the long straights and the lack of top end speed from the 2015 Ferrari power unit.