Sensible plan in place for Manor Racing growth insists Fry

Pascal Wehrlein - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Pat Fry has admitted it is a big change for the Manor Racing team to adapt from merely surviving to competing against their rivals on track, but feels there is a sensible plan in place to make it happen.

The team have considerably closed the gap to those in front of them in 2016, and even secured a points finish back at the Austrian Grand Prix when Pascal Wehrlein claimed tenth place, but with limited resources, engineering consultant Fry knows there are areas that have to be addressed to improve, which will take some time to implement.

“It’s quite a large change from surviving through to competing,” said Fry on “It affects the whole organisation, from what we are doing at the factory, from the wind tunnel to the design office, the reliability side of things and all the way through to the track, really.

“It has knock-on necessities where we need to improve everywhere through the organisation. There’s a plan for us to grow in a sensible, controlled way, but we need to address all those areas.

“Everything from pit-stop speed, which we were… to put it a polite way, it was challenging at the beginning of the year, with the same guys – it’s all the detail work that you need to do and it just takes time.

“It’s the same with putting the processes in place, so that you can keep a reliable car reliable.”