Williams’ Pat Symonds: ”We have had good results at Monza”

by Rachel Hack

Williams Martini Racing Technical Director Pat Symonds, is looking forward to taking on one of the more unique circuits of the year in the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the fastest track visited on the F1 calendar, and one that will require race specific parts to achieve optimum performance.

“Monza is an abnormal track as it has the highest average speed of any circuit we go to and a similar top speed to Baku.

“The average corner speed is quite low though so this leads to a totally different aerodynamic requirement to any other track. Therefore, most teams will be seen running a type of rear wing that will only appear once a year.

“Again the circuit rewards strong power units and high efficiency, particularly low drag.

Symonds believes that a one-stop will be the choice strategy for most teams on Sunday, with relatively low tyre wear seen at the northern Milan circuit, allowing them the opportunity to try to keep the time lost entering and leaving the pits, which are situated on a high-speed straight, to a minimum.

“In terms of strategy, the pit loss is quite high with the long pit lane situated alongside a fast straight. Low cornering speeds equate to relatively low tyre energy and so there is therefore a strong tendency to try to achieve a one-stop race.

The Monza circuit has been a strong one for the Williams Martini Racing team in the past, drivers Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas finished third and fourth there last year,  and the 63-year-old is confident the Oxfordshire based squad can improve on their recent result in Spa, not only in Italy, but for the remainder of the season too.

“Over the last few years we have had good results at Monza, and our hope is to consolidate on a good result from Belgium and push hard into the remaining races of the season.“ 

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