Agag dismisses Formula 1 rumours

Formula E New York Press Conference Event. New York, New York, USA. Wednesday 21 September 2016. Photo: / FE ref: Digital Image _L5R6407

Formula E Chief Executive Alejandro Agag has dismissed speculation that he might take over the reigns of Formula 1.

Following the purchase of F1 by Liberty Media, rumours had swirled linking Agag to an executive role running the sport’s commercial and sporting operations.

With Bernie Ecclestone now 85, Agag was seen as a potential replacement due to his motorsport experience and connections to Ecclestone, who he used to co-own Queens Park Rangers football club with.

However Agag dismissed the suggestion, saying in an interview with Reuters that his focus remains on running Formula E, and that no one has approached him with regards to a role in Formula 1.

“There haven’t been any contacts at all, whatsoever,” he said.

“My interest is Formula E and I think there is still so much to be done in Formula E and it’s really exciting to be in Formula E.”

“I think I could not go anywhere without Formula E. So wherever I go, Formula E has to come, in a way. Formula E is like my baby.”

“I founded it, we were very few in the beginning and we’ve taken it to this point and I don’t think I can stay apart from Formula E.”

The Spaniard did welcome the take-over by Liberty Media though, and insisted that he doesn’t see it as a rival to the all-electric series.

Instead, he believes that it is American race series such as IndyCar and NASCAR that should be concerned about competition from Formula 1.

Agag said, “We don’t compete at all with Formula One. We don’t race in racetracks, we race on very small places where Formula one cannot race so there is no competition.”

“The place we race in Brooklyn is far too small for a Formula One race. And we race on a different technology, electric.”

“If I was IndyCar or NASCAR, I would be worried. I would be concerned because the Formula One push in America is going to affect them, if anyone.”

“But definitely Formula One and Formula E are totally compatible in America and everywhere else.”

Agag was also bullish about the future of Formula E, saying that it might one day eclipse Formula 1.

“If the motor industry becomes fully electric, Formula E will be the relevant championship in terms of the motor industry,” Agag commented.

“But I don’t think Formula One will disappear. I think Formula One will continue, like today there are horse races but we don’t use a horse to go to the office. Combustion cars will be maybe only used for racing.”

“But I think Formula One has such a strong tradition that it will continue in the future. Formula E may be the main championship at one point in 50 years or 60 years, but only time will tell.”