Cammish Claims Championship As Sparks Fly in Pro-Am2 Fight

Dan Cammish swept to a second dominant win of the weekend on the Silverstone national configuration, in so doing claiming his second Porsche Carrera Cup GB title.

From pole-position Cammish pulled clear in his Redline Racing machine, however a reinvigorated Stephen Jelley gave chase in his Team Parker Racing car. Jelley seemed particularly keen to usurp the flying Cammish but ultimately couldn’t bridge the minor pace differential between the two.

A special feature will be live on The Checkered Flag tomorrow, taking a special look at the success and merits of the four champions crowned at the home of British motor racing.

Charlie Eastwood started further up the field for the second encounter despite his qualifying woes. However, the improved pace of Jelley and GT Marques driver Dino Zamparelli would ultimately keep the newly coronated Rookie champion from the rostrum. For Zamparelli, Silverstone may not quite have been the dream weekend it was twelve months ago, his consistent results this weekend have proved he is still a formidable series force.

Tom Sharp (IDL Racing) and Tom Oliphant (Redline) were fifth and sixth, the former recovering from a difficult qualifying session and a subsequent clutch issue which forced him to the back of the race one grid, the latter unable to to climb the rostrum heights of a few hours before. Dan Lloyd found himself just outside the top six again for In2Racing, but should be pleased with a strong weekend’s work on his series return.

Sean Hudspeth found himself in the wars again in the Parr Motorsport Pro-Am1 entry. This gave the Dan McKay/Euan McKay In2Racing roadshow an unusually serene race. Euan may have claimed the title this weekend but his brother Dan was undeniably the class star in Northamptonshire. With the title decided, the Brands Hatch GP double-header could provide the perfect back-drop to an end of season duel between the siblings. Justin Sherwood found himself on the PA1 podium again, carrying an uncanny knack of staying out of trouble in his Team Parker machine.

So to Pro-Am2. Peter Kyle-Henney (Parr) was having a fantastically dominant weekend, but in race two Mark Radcliffe (Intersport) found himself in a position to challenge for the class victory. Then it all went a tad awry. Radcliffe went around the outside of Kyle-Henney at Luffield and the pair came into contact.

Radcliffe was left stranded in the middle of the circuit, only narrowly avoided by the remainder of the class. A safety-car was deployed and on the restart a fabulous five way fight for the PA2 honours played out.

That became four when Rupert Martin looped his Team Parker car. Rupert has been a driver easy to dismiss, however his Silverstone performances were strong, consistent and for the most part, they were error free too.

All the drama allowed Thomas Jennings to claim PA2 honours for G-Cat Racing, Ian Dockerill was delighted with second for Asset Advantage Racing and Tautvydas Barstys (Juta Racing) was the key beneficiary off Kyle-Henney’s demise, strengthening his class points lead. Barrie Baxter was fourth, having looked set at one point to be the man stood on the top step of the rostrum in his Redline car.

To Brands we go and a gloves off season finale awaits. Only in Pro-Am2 is their a crown to be claimed, and nobody among the Gentleman ranks will be willing to go down without a fight. Round fourteen though, was ultimately about Dan Cammish. Once again he has claimed the title before the season finale and asserted his authority over a field oozing with talent. For that he deserves all the plaudits he should invariably get.