Colburn Completes Anglesey Double As Title Fight Rolls On

James Colburn completed a clean sweep of the Michelin Clio Cup Series weekend at Anglesey as he overcame a time penalty to take victory in a busy Round Thirteen.

In the championship battle meanwhile, James Dorlin and Brett Lidsey fought it out to top five finishes each, meaning the champion will be decided at the Silverstone finale (8/9 October).

Colburn’s second victory of the weekend would prove to be more dominant than his first, with the Westbourne Motorsport ace storming clear of the field with Sam Randon.

The team-mates were over three seconds clear of their closest rivals within three laps, with Randon briefly hanging onto the leader’s rear bumper before Colburn pulled away.

Their pace advantage over the rest would prove to be crucial though, with both the top two receiving ten second penalties for false starts, which briefly put their podium results in jeopardy.

Lidsey and Dorlin has started the race second and third respectively, but a busy first lap saw them fall to fourth and fifth, with Luke Pinder joining Randon in passing them.

Pinder came under pressure from his pursuers for large portions of the race, but kept them at bay to secure his sixth podium finish of the campaign so far as Lidsey held off Dorlin behind.

Ben Palmer was hot on Dorlin’s heels in the closing stages as he rounded out the top six ahead of Tom Barley, Ben Colburn and Tyler Lidsey.

In the Road Class, Nic Harrison held the lead for the first half of the race, but Jack Fabby found a way past at mid-distance to secure his fifth class victory of the campaign.

Full race results can be found here.