Halo Extraction Time issues need to be addressed – Alonso

Fernando Alonso with the Halo in Singapore - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

After testing the Halo head protection system for the first time during free practice for the Singapore Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso believes the device needs some work, especially when it comes to getting in and out of the car.

The McLaren-Honda driver was one of three drivers on Friday, along with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Hülkenberg, to test the Halo, and although he feels that the reduced visibility the system gives can be overcome, the time it took to extract himself from his MP4-31 in Singapore was not what it needs to be.

“It’s pretty hard to get in and out, that’s the first impression that I got,” said Alonso on Motorsport.com. “As far as visibility, it’s reduced. I guess you get used to it.

“I remember when the noses got higher and visibility got much worse, but after two or three years you get used to it and you don’t notice it.

“So when Halo is introduced there’ll be a small impact in terms of visibility but I think there’s still work to do in terms of design.

“Getting in and out needs to improve somehow, also for the mechanics to be able to fasten the seat belts. I think there are things to look at.”