Manor targeting Renault rather than Sauber – Ryan

Credit: Manor Racing

Manor Racing are looking to target Renault Sport F1 rather than Sauber F1 says team principal Dave Ryan.

Pascal Wehrlein finished the Austrian Grand Prix in tenth, promoting the team ahead of Sauber in Constructors’ Championship, who have yet to score a point. Renault have also been struggling this season, they are currently on six points thanks to Kevin Magnussen in Russia.

With Renault currently sitting low in the Constructors’ Championship, Ryan believes they are their best competitors, along with anyone else that come their way.

“We’re not looking too much at Sauber, we’re looking at Renault as well,” said Ryan to “They’re struggling and our job is to beat anyone we can, that’s our goal.

“It happens to be that Sauber is the one that we’re consistently beating at the moment but Renault is not doing too good a job at the moment, they’ve obviously got issues that they’re dealing with. So we’re looking at them and anyone else that comes our way.”

Ryan says it’s not only Sauber and Renault who are struggling, Scuderia Toro Rosso are as well. He believes every single team are going to each Grand Prix thinking and believing they were improve on their performance from the last race.

“Yeah Toro Rosso is struggling a bit, let’s not forget they’ve got an older engine,” added Ryan. “I’m sure they’re the first to say they’re not delivering the performances they should be delivering.

“But we’re all trying, all the teams are desperately doing the best we can and I’m sure if I was at Sauber or if I was at Renault I would be sitting there thinking ‘Crikey what have we got to do now?

“How are we going to do this? How are we going to do that?’. Every single team in every position is going to each race thinking and believing they’re going to do better than the last race.”