Teams react to Liberty Media buying Formula 1

by Adam Arbon

US firm Liberty Media have bought Formula One in deal worth £6bn. It was reported last month that Liberty Media were planning the acquisition of Formula One, which could change the landscape of the sport.

Teams and drivers have reacted to the new deal and how it could impact Formula One.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner has welcomed the deal, “Liberty are probably the best buyers for F1. The prospects with the expertise they have, particularly on digital platforms, social platforms and the US market are all areas that F1 has been historically weak in.”

Meanwhile Sahara Force India deputy principal Bob Fernley, wants the deal to help create a level field on the grid.

Fernley told Reuters, “The philosophy of American sports franchises is to try franchises is to try and keep it as equal as possible and as competitive as possible.”

In an interview with Sky Sports, McLaren-Honda’s Jenson Button backed Liberty Media’s acquisition F1.

Button highlights Formula 1’s limited expansion into digital media, “This will definitely help the future of the sport, most sports are going down a certain direction with apps and Formula 1 is behind in that area and getting out to a younger audience.”

The deal has been positive in the F1 community but how will the fans react to this news. Can the deal move Formula 1 forward into a new generation? Only time will tell.

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