Daniil Kvyat “P13 was the maximum we could do today”

Daniil Kvyat - Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Daniil Kvyat fared slightly better than his team-mate, Carlos Sainz at this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, finishing in thirteenth place, but overall was not pleased with his performance.

“A P13 was the maximum we could do today,” said Kvyat.  “I really don’t think we could’ve done much better.

He attributed the lack of action in terms of overtaking and close racing to the uneventful nature of the race – for only the seventh time in the history of Formula One did all cars that started make it to the finish line.

“Nothing extraordinary happened today, there were no Safety Car periods or retirements, so we didn’t gain any positions that way either.”

Similarly to his team-mate, Kvyat seemed frustrated about the lack of straight-line speed that the Toro Rosso has suffered from throughout the season. “Our straight-line speed is just nowhere, which is very unfortunate, but there’s not much more we can do, we’re just too slow.

However, the Russian driver didn’t appear entirely negative about the weekend, and was quick to praise the work of the team.

“On the positive side, I feel better in the car race after race and our team work is constantly improving, so we will go on doing our best to finish the season knowing that we couldn’t have done more!