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Mercedes AMG Petronas celebrate #TheTriple

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Mercedes AMG Petronas celebrate #TheTriple

For the third consecutive year, the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One team has celebrated their whitewash victory of the Formula One Constructors World Championship. Drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have driven the cars to an impressive 593 points, with nearest rivals, Red Bull Racing being way behind with just 385.

The team returned to their bases in Brackley and Brixworth after their successful Japanese Grand Prix weekend, where they finally managed to ‘seal the deal’, which they couldn’t quite do the weekend before in Malaysia.

The drivers and senior management returned to a champion’s welcome, with a day of celebrations commencing at both factories. Mercedes are currently the only team to have won a championship during the Hybrid era of Formula One, which was introduced in the 2014, and have only lost eight races in the three seasons, making them the clear dominant team.

The Mercedes W07 has taken fifteen wins in the season to up to this point, with the only losses being due to a collision that involved both of the drivers, and another due to a reliability issue. The two cars have also taken 35% of the points available this season.

The Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, Toto Wolff, spoke at the day of celebrations to mark the third World Championship, and, understandably, appeared to be overwhelmed with emotion.

Standing here with the Constructors’ trophy, with the two stars that will become three in December, is such a proud moment.

It’s really a great achievement what we have done in the last three years,” he commented. “I met Ross Brawn a few weeks ago. We had a coffee and he told me that what makes him so proud of this organisation is that we could easily have dropped the ball. But all of us, together, have kept that ball up for three years in a row now – and that’s quite an achievement.”

Wolff continued by praising his team, from the other senior management, to the drivers, as well as all of the men and women who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

It’s a great honour to work with all of these guys and girls. From Paddy and Andy, who push us all so hard intellectually, to our great drivers, who have been a massive part of this success, to the hundreds of people who work their fingers to the bone day in, day out to create the tools and the resources we need to succeed.”

Despite both drivers having arguably the frostiest relationship of any team-mates in Formula One, Wolff was quick to comment that he believed that they were also the strongest.

I’ve said before and I believe it more all the time that we have the best driver pairing in Formula One – and the best team of people behind them all the time. All of them are pushing each other to new levels. Just when we think the car can’t go any faster, somehow we find another tenth of a second and it blows us away every time. It’s only when you put all of that together that you get to where we are today.

The Austrian was keen to attribute the success of the team to all parties involved, acknowledging that without one area of Mercedes AMG Petronas, it would not be the team that it is today.

I was asked the question at the weekend: “What is the silver bullet for this team? Is there one particular reason why we are where we are?” The only thing that came to my mind is that there are 1,500 reasons. It’s all of these 1,500 people here at Brackley and Brixworth who made this dream a reality and I thank each and every one of them for their part in this story.”

Current championship leader, Nico Rosberg was too elated by the team’s phenomenal progress and performance of the last three seasons.

“I’ve been here since day one of this project in 2010 and it’s really phenomenal the journey we’ve taken together towards being the best team in Formula One, making history along the way and re-writing the record books. What we’ve achieved together is mind-blowing and I’m really, really proud to have played my small part in that.”

He was also keen to acknowledge all of the people who made the wins and podiums possible, and seemed somewhat humbled by it.

“Thanks to all of these people, our job as drivers is even more enjoyable out there, which is saying something! Every weekend I arrive at the track mega excited knowing I have the car to take pole and win the race. It’s an unreal feeling. I can’t wait for the final four races to go out there and give it my all in this awesome Silver Arrow.

“It’s going to be an intense battle between Lewis and myself and I hope everyone at Brackley and Brixworth can enjoy it a bit more now from the edge of their seats! Today, though, we have to say a massive thank you to each and every one of these incredible people here today and celebrate the achievements that they have earned and deserve so much. Hopefully there will be many more to come.”

However, the man who has undoubtedly benefited the most from the success of the Mercedes team is Lewis Hamilton, who has won the past two drivers championship of with the team, helping him to an elite club of drivers who have won three world championships. Addressing the team, he too seemed incredibly humbled and grateful for his opportunities.

“I tell you what, it never gets old being up here, seeing all of these faces. What a joy it’s been, being part of this team,” said Hamilton.  “I’m incredibly proud to drive the cars that all of these guys and girls have built. Each of the past three years, Nico and I have without doubt had not just the best cars on the grid but the best cars we’ve ever driven. We owe all of them so much. As drivers, we’re just one small link in the chain. All the hard work everyone has put in to get us where we are is just remarkable.

“As a racing driver, this is what we dream of having – the beasts that they’ve built,” he admitted. “Knowing that, every time you get behind the wheel during a race weekend, you’ve got a car capable of taking the fight to teams like Ferrari and Red Bull. And, more than that, knowing that everything this team has created gives you the chance to extract the maximum from your own abilities… there’s no greater feeling.

“I’m so proud of each and every one of them and proud to be a part of this incredible journey with them. It’s humbling to represent them all out there on track and I’m excited about going for a fourth together next year and hopefully many more beyond that. But, for now, it’s important that we all cherish this moment because together we have created history. In decades to come, we’ll all look back on these days and remember how incredible they were. A big thank you to everyone once again. We’re going to continue to push on track as I’m sure everyone will back here at the factories too.”

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