Fernando Alonso: “This race marks the end of a significant year for the team“

Fernando Alonso enters his cockpit in the garage. Credit: McLaren Media Centre

McLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team driver Fernando Alonso is looking forward to completing the final race of the 2016 season this weekend, in what has been a huge learning curve for the Woking based squad this year.

The Spaniard enjoys the wind down to the end of the F1 year, knowing pre-season testing is soon to come, and loves hearing the cheering crowd as the drivers take to the track for the last time of the season.

“I enjoy racing in Abu Dhabi every year. Not just because it’s become synonymous with the end of the season, but there’s a unique atmosphere there – a combination of the ‘end-of-term’ feeling, anticipation ahead of the winter development push and the buzz from the fans as we go racing for the final time in 2016.”

Another bonus of racing at the Yas Marina circuit for Alonso, is that it takes place during the twilight hours, making it a more interesting and fun spectacle for drivers and fans alike.

Although the Abu Dhabi track does not really suit the characteristics of the MP4-31, the Spaniard will be working hard with the team to extract the best performance from the car.

“From the cockpit, it’s incredible to race at twilight and watch the light fade as we complete lap after lap. It brings a new dimension to the spectacle and makes the whole weekend really enjoyable.

“The faster first sector and the two long straights in the middle sector at Yas Marina mean that it isn’t a track that will naturally suit our package, but over the course of Friday we’ll work hard to dial in the car to make the most of what we have and extract as much performance as possible.”

It has been a successful year for the Woking based team, who have come on leaps and bounds since 2015, and all at McLaren-Honda will be hoping to carry those positive steps forward into 2017 as well.

It will also be the final time Alonso and Jenson Button will race together as team-mates, as the Brit embarks on a one-year sabbatical in 2017. The Spaniard has stated that he will miss working alongside the Brit, but is happy that he will be remaining as part of the McLaren-Honda set-up.

“For McLaren-Honda, this race marks the end of a significant year for the team, and the last time I’ll race with my team-mate Jenson for the foreseeable future.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with him and I’ll miss him being in the garage next to me, but he’ll still very much be part of McLaren-Honda’s plans and I want to wish him all the best for the exciting things he has in store for the next step in his career.”

  • Vince Pettit

    “For McLaren-Honda, this race marks the end of a significant year for the team” – translated as “Thank f*** that’s over with!”

  • D.Duck

    Cant disagree with that retort Vince!!! The last 2 years have been absolute garbage and the only pleasure I can take from it is that Dennis has finally got the boot for being a w4nker! He should have been sacked after 2007 the phuqqin dimwit after he lost BOTH World Championship titles AND got McIdiots a $100mill fine the stupid phuqqin PLANK!!! Ojehh, Bahrain and whoever the phuk else has shares in this once great team have finally seen the light! Phuk Ron Dennis……..until just before the end of the 2007 season I had the greatest respect and reverance for this man! But after watching Daddy Hambone wiping his boys ar5ehole after every race whilst at the same time having his other hand up moRon Dennis`s ar5ehole just made me heave my dinner straight down the bog!!!! This retribution has taken 10 years to come…..Ive been hoping for it for years. #:)

  • D.Duck

    ………….forgot to add I wouldnt mind betting that Fernando may have had a wry smile on his face after he heard moRon had been SACKED!!! #:))