Gravel traps a proper deterrent for corner cutting – Ricciardo

by Paul Hensby

Daniel Ricciardo would welcome the introduction of more gravel traps in Formula 1, particularly if they become deterrents for corner cutting whilst defending positions.

The Red Bull Racing driver would prefer gravel traps over grass or concrete run-off zones to prevent situations such as those that arose during the recent Mexican Grand Prix, with team-mate Max Verstappen and Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team racer Lewis Hamilton both taking off-track trips across turn one.

Ricciardo believes the debates that have gone on since the race at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez would not have been discussed at all had their been gravel instead of grass in the run-off in question.

“I’m a fan of gravel traps, and stuff like that, because it is a proper deterrent,” said Ricciardo on Autosport. “Even if you get through the gravel trap, still at some good speed and you maybe don’t lose a whole lot of time, you have still got stuff in your radiators or stones on your tyres, so there is more of a penalty.

“I don’t like how a driver can defend, lock up, make a mistake while defending, and then cut through and continue.

“The first corner with Lewis, I didn’t think that was right. The start of the race is a crucial moment, and a mistake like that with so many cars around, you should pay more of a price.”

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