Hülkenberg believes rules ‘bent’ to avoid Hamilton penalty in Mexico

Nico Hülkenberg - Credit: Sahara Force India

Nico Hülkenberg admitted that he was surprised no action was taken over Lewis Hamilton over his first lap corner-cutting antics during the Mexican Grand Prix.

The Sahara Force India F1 Team driver believed the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team racer did gain an advantage after locking up his brakes into the first turn.

Hamilton blaming glazed brakes for the problem that saw him comfortably lead the race on the opening lap, just before a safety car bunched the field up once more to clear up the wrecked Manor Racing MRT of Pascal Wehrlein, and Hülkenberg believes having glazed brakes would have made it extremely difficult for Hamilton to win the race, something he did comfortably.

“With Lewis at the start it was very strange,” said Hülkenberg on Motorsport.com. “I mean, if that’s not gaining an advantage, I don’t know what is.

“Had there been a gravel trap or a wall, he would’ve been in deep trouble. So I don’t know, it seems they bent the rule there a bit today. If you have a glazed brake then it will be glazed for the rest of the race so, I’m surprised how he still won it.

“To be honest I didn’t have much thought on it [at the time], because that’s not where my race is and then you don’t really bother about it. I was surprised afterwards that there wasn’t anything to look at.”

  • DChousewife

    As usual, he gets away with something where he should have been penalized. I suppose the stewards were sitting back having some tequila shots. What is it about Hamilton?

  • Salvu Borg

    its all to do with MR E and the men he planted inside the FIA decision making process.

  • Rob

    English stewards and English interests

  • Numero Fibonacci

    Nico should read the articles on Sky and the BCC that explain why the stewards didn’t give Lewis a penalty. Then he will understand.

  • Erwin Greven

    sky and bbc…

  • Numero Fibonacci

    Thanks. You are correct. Fixed.

  • Jim Helwig

    This is hilarious coming from Hulkenberg. Anybody remember Monza 2010 when “The Hulk” went off track multiple times ahead of Webbo without getting penalised? He completely ruined Webber’s race and the stewards couldn’t care less because actually, going off and maintaining your advantage has pretty much been something drivers have been getting away with for years. Rosberg did it to Hamilton at Canada 2014 and the stewards couldn’t care less.

    Normally drivers get warned for repeated offences before the threat of any penalty which makes Verstappens penalty in Mexico utterly ridiculous. That penalty is basically a precedent moving forwards.

    As for Hamilton? First lap incidents are generally treated with leniency. Telemetry shows Hamilton lifted and the VSC ultimately negated any advantage plus Rosberg and Verstappen banging wheels at the start obviously lost them time to Hamilton through the first few corners.

    Giving Verstappen a penalty was nonsense based on precedents already set in the last decade alone