Kimi Raikkonen: “The Wet tyres are very vulnerable”

Kimi Raikkonen - Credit: Scuderia Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen admitted that he was not expecting to aquaplane where he did as the Scuderia Ferrari driver crashed out of the Brazilian Grand Prix early as he approached the startline.

The Finn lost control exiting the final corner, despite almost getting control, he hit the outside wall before crossing the track and hitting the pit wall, where he was lucky to be avoided by the rest of the field as they approached at high speed towards the scene of the accident.

Raikkonen felt the Pirelli wet tyres were not good enough for the conditions, and believes there is scope for improvement, especially as previous tyres would have been able to manage the levels of water on the Autódromo José Carlos Pace track.

“The conditions today were not the easiest ones: it was very tricky, and when you do many laps behind the Safety Car it gets even more difficult,” said Raikkonen. “It was not raining heavily, but there was a lot of standing water.

“The biggest problem was the aquaplaning and I got it in a place where I was not expecting it: I spun off on the straight! I almost got the car back, but then I went off in a pretty bad place.

“The Wet tyres are very vulnerable, easy to aquaplaning. It obviously depends on the circuit and on many other things, but comparing to some years ago, those tyres could handle this kind of water with no issues of aquaplaning.”

  • Michael Steel

    You also could say that the Ferrari’s were not good enough for the conditions. The Red Bull’s and the both Merc’s had no problems whit the weather conditions ore with the Pirelli tires. Every one can make a small mistake under these weather conditions, but don’t begin pointing you finger to others just to hide your own mistake in the race.

  • A Nishanth

    He was going straight on the main straight. No tweaks of the steering or
    anything. The car aquaplaned on the standing water and he lost the back
    end of the car and lost control.It is never easy to get the car under
    control once you lose it. It should not have happened coz wet tyres are
    meant for such conditions. And for your information, both Max Verstappen
    and Nico Rosberg also had half spins. The reason they were able to
    control the car from banging into the wall was because it happened to
    them in corners and not on straights. So they had to brake and turn the
    steering in the opposite direction to stop the spin. What can you do to
    stop a spin when you are on a straight??