Mateschitz insists Red Bull pull out was never considered

by Adam Arbon

Red Bull Racing boss Dietrich Mateschitz says that the energy drinks company never considered leaving Formula 1 after their public spat with the engine supplier Renault.

Red Bull and Renault were involved in a public argument over the disappointing engines that were supplied to Red Bull during the 2015 season, and the drinks company heavily criticised the French manufacturer over their poor engines and were considering switching to Ferrari, Mercedes or Honda engines.

Speculation arose that Red Bull were considering leaving the sport after such a debacle with their engine supplier.

“Really, we never thought about it,” said Mateschitz in an interview with Spanish newspaper Marca“Although, in theory, there were always circumstances that could have made us go down that route, like for example, the obvious case of not having been able to secure a power unit supplier.”

Mateschitz reassured the paddock saying that their threat to quit was never serious. This is good news for Formula 1 because Red Bull bring a lot of revenue and interest from outside Formula 1.  If Red Bull left it would be costly for Formula 1 as the Scuderia Toro Rosso team would leave as well alongside their senior team.

Sitting in second place in the Constructors Championship, Red Bull have a strong season beating the Scuderia Ferrari team. Renault have developed the power unit throughout the season leaving them on par with the Ferrari power unit.

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