PERRIN produce open access 2017 prototype F1 car

by Rachel Hack

PERRINN Limited, a Yorkshire based company that was created by former Williams designer Nicolas Perrin, has taken up the challenge of producing a F1 prototype car that adheres to the all-new 2017 technical regulations.

The changes set to come in during the 2017 Formula 1 season, are hoped to shake up the current running order, with the focus switching to aerodynamics over engine power, with wider chassis’ and tyres being introduced.

PERRINN aims to provide access to their concept via the world’s first ever cloud based, public access project management and delivery platform, that will allow fans to follow their progress through unique access to the completed design.

The company have put together a top team of highly-talented and experienced individuals who have been hard at work on the project, which the public are able to get on-board and help with, through the PERRINN cloud platform.

The network, which allows access anywhere on the planet through its extremely reliable internet connection, will run numerous projects at any given time, and the public are invited to join in and collaborate with them, providing input in whatever way they can, be it through creating their own designs or just providing feedback.

Contributors will be rewarded with shares in the company, which will be allocated based on how many hours of work they have devoted to the project, and Perrin hopes plenty of people will join their community.

The idea for the platform stems from Perrin’s vision that some of the world’s biggest problems could be resolved through meaningful collaboration of technology on a global scale, and he is extremely proud of what they have achieved so far.

“Our organisation is open to everyone – followers are awarded a free share by registering on our website, and more shares can be earned by investing time with us.

“Our next project is the development of the PERRINN app, a collaboration platform that will improve the way we work together.

“We are actively recruiting new software developers the world over to become part of what we hope are the beginnings of a global, digital workforce for the 21st century.”

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