Vandoorne did not learn much from Super Formula – Michel

by Paul Hensby

GP2 Series boss Bruno Michel believes that Stoffel Vandoorne did not learn that much in his year racing in Super Formula a year after dominating to take the GP2 crown.

Vandoorne, who will step up into Formula 1 with the McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team in 2017 alongside Fernando Alonso, finished fourth overall in Super Formula with the Docomo Dandelion team in 2016, winning twice, but was victorious seven times in 2015 with the ART Grand Prix squad as he won the GP2 title.

Michel believes that what Vandoorne did correctly was keep racing in order to keep his mind in the game, but he knew that the Belgian was ready for Formula 1 a year before he actually made it there on a full-time basis.

“I don’t think Stoffel learned a lot by being in Japan, to be honest,” said Michel to “But it’s always good for the boys, because sitting with their right foot in the air all weekend long and see other guys going around in their cars is probably very frustrating.

“So they can have a programme like this. They don’t learn. You know, Stoffel was ready [to race in F1], we all knew that. But he had to wait one year.”

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