‘Complex’ Formula 1 cannot change ‘Overnight’ says Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn has stated that the complexity of Formula 1 prevents Liberty Media from making any quick changes, with solutions expected to take some time to have any effect.

Brawn is no stranger to the paddock, and was recently appointed by Liberty Media to steer the sporting side of F1 management following the ousting of Bernie Ecclestone. He appears committed to this role having already started a list of issues that need addressing, but is under no illusion that there will be any “quick fixes”.

There are some straightforward issues, but the solutions are going to take some time,” he said to the BBC. “We want to focus on making the show as good as it can be and the entertainment as good as it can be.

“Every decision will have to tick some boxes and those will be ‘does it make sport better? Does it make it more entertaining? Does it make it more economic?’ 

“You can’t change a sport as complex as Formula 1 overnight but the message is that we are fighting to make the sport as entertaining and as viable as we can. I hope with the continued pressure we can apply, we can steer the sport into a better place.”

Whether testing will shed light on other issues is yet to be seen, but if other years have taught us anything it’s that team bosses always find something on a competitor’s car they don’t agree with. Ross Brawn should expect a busy season ahead.